Hi! My name is Angela Kukhahn and I am a yoga teacher in Santa Monica, CA. This blog is dedicated to all the things that inspire my yoga practice! I post all things yoga... tips, tutorials, quotes and much much more!
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Anything that is against love is against you and your real life. – Osho Sending lots of love out to you all this beautiful Monday morning. My intention is to stay present today and see the love everywhere. ♥ Working my reverse palm press to pincha to enhance the external rotation in my upper arms in the press up. It feels really good. Have you tried this version of pincha? If so, what did you think?

When you are in your head you are millions of miles away from me. When you are in your heart you are in my heart too, because hearts don’t know separation. – Osho. Happy Easter everyone, I hope you spent your day in your heart. Much Love to you all! ♥♥♥

This photo sums up what I love about a night out with my friends….Laughter, hugs and lots of love! Happy Birthday @michaelabest1 you are such a beauty and I am so grateful to have met your kindred soul. ♥♥♥ (at Bodega Wine Bar Santa Monica)

In every moment there are thousands of opportunities. Choose the one that sets you free. Oh, hi there, it’s me again! I got tagged by the beautiful, and recently returned home @jaclyngrahamla to #stopdropanddoyoga. So for a change of pace, I decided to show you all my kitchen. (And because MTV is still dragging their feet on getting my appt on an episode of Cribs.) To keep spreading the yoga love I am now tagging @arisyoga @mackenzieyoga @drcqdvm and @yogawithmarney

Refuse to get caught in the web of your own self-imposed limitations. You are limitless, boundless and your soul will never die. Shake off those imaginary chains that hold you back and experience your true self. Last night I was tagged by @koyogafitness to #stopdropanddoyoga and I was waaaay too lazy to do anything about it, so here we go this morning with a little uneven block handstand L. Happy Saturday everyone, may your day be blessed with laughter and big, big love! Now tagging @taimaruuu @marysiaweiss @jackdufour and @perns_yoga

Thanks to all of you who participated in our #LetsGrowYoga Challenge and a big Congratulations to the winners……
@drcqdvm @mychaelwithay @bozorgkhers @laurinat123cheese. I really love what @vytasyoga said about the true winning being the moment in which you shared the practice with your friends and family. This is so true! I often reflect back on the people who first shared yoga with me, Dy Tysen and Rachel Sellars and think I need to thank them for saving my life. Its true, even though it sounds a bit melodramatic. ;) So keep on sharing your yoga, you are giving a profound gift! ♥ The winners will receive prizes from @yogaworks @lululemon and @myyogaworks. Follow them to check out the goods! Email vytas@vytasyoga.com for questions or to redeem your prize!”

You can not become the person you were born to be, without loving yourself first. Not an egoic kind of love, but realizing your true value and worth. Only when you speak your own truth without compromise, will you reach your true destiny. I feel blessed to have friends @mackenzieyoga and @susievfrank that remind me every day of my value and support me in speaking my truth. Nurture the relationships that nurture you. Happy Friday Everyone!

Being able to do handstands and all the fun advanced asanas is not the best part of yoga for me. Sure, the discipline and control that comes from almost twelve years on that mat has its physical perks. It keeps my body healthy, and my mind clear and somewhat sane. (The last part being debatable heheh) However the best part about my practice is that it is teaching me to approach everything in my life with affection, love and kindness. The real yoga starts when I step off of my mat. It is continually changing my relationships with the people I love for the better and for this I am eternally grateful. #yoga #gratitude #happy #yogaeverydamnday #practicedaily

Playing around after an amazing class on Sunday at @blackdogyoga (from @ellavateyoga) with @ellavateyoga and @andrew7sealy! I love these two, they are always uplifting and inspiring! This video is inspired by the amazing #airtimeapril crew. I have been seriously slacking, and need to play some catch up! :) Thanks @andrew7sealy for making this awesome video, you are the best!

By @christopherpoindexter “The Universe and Her, and I poem #223 written by Christopher Poindexter (Available on Etsy. Link to buy in my bio)” via @PhotoRepost_app. This guy wtites some amazing poetry! #poetry #love #truth #beauty