Hi! My name is Angela Kukhahn and I am a yoga teacher in Santa Monica, CA. This blog is dedicated to all the things that inspire my yoga practice! I post all things yoga... tips, tutorials, quotes and much much more!
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Today @thetattooedyogi asked us to do Warrior 3 and the thought is balance. Someone once told me that there is no such thing as perfect balance. It is just that you get really good at wiggling around without freaking out. This is true of my life on and off of the yoga mat. I am far from perfect. Sure, I want to be perfect and balanced, but I know that perfection is just an illusion. So instead I am just trying to get really good at looking for my center without freaking out. Remember to follow all of the challenge leaders @patrickbeach @caleyalyssa, @jdoofer, @carlingnicole , @thetattoedyogi @mackenzieyoga and myself. At the end of the month @drishtiyogasb will be giving away two $100 gift certificates to two lucky winners so give them a folow as well! #InnerDrishti #yoga #balance #Yogaeverydamnday #Practicedaily #strength #yogagirl #yogapose #yogachallenge

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