Hi! My name is Angela Kukhahn and I am a yoga teacher in Santa Monica, CA. This blog is dedicated to all the things that inspire my yoga practice! I post all things yoga... tips, tutorials, quotes and much much more!
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We have our #Drishtiyoga Challenge winners! From top left ♥ @vegteri, @zombiesateryan and @edimes !!! Be sure to give these inspiring yogis a follow! @drishtiyogasb would like to thank everyone for thier participation and truly appreciates the effort that each you put in over this past month! You guys rock!!! Also a huge thank you to all of the challenge leaders!!! @patrickbeach, @jdoofer , @caleyalyssa , @carlingnicole , @thetattooedyogi and @mackenzieyoga ! To claim your prizes please either leave your e-mail address in the comments section below or e-mail Jenni the owner of @drishtiyogasb your e-mail address at jenni@drishtiyoga.com. Congratulations!!! #yogachallenge #yoga #drishtiyoga #drishti #winners #Yogaeverydamnday #Practicedaily

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